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Good Google rating equals good sales!

Good reviews mean good business.

Over 90% of all searches on the Internet start with Google. You should use it to your advantage and be at the top.

Since the big Google Maps update in June 2019, good ratings and thus a positive average rating  provide you good search position in Google. The rating is shown directly to the right of your Google search result.

Unfortunately, customer psychology states that most customers find it difficult to write a positive review. This is where we come in, very simple, cheap, legal and straightforward.

Why Should You Buy Google Reviews?

Your customers search using local search queries and each individual rating counts for your ranking.

Are you at the top of the list with many positive reviews or are you far behind your competition?

Good ratings = good search position on Google = more traffic = more sales = more regular customers for you!

Your average rating should never fall below 4.3 stars. Would you reserve a table in the restaurant with only 3.6 stars, or would you prefer the 4.5 star table?

Exactly, everyone wants the best for their money! Give your customers the best.

Improve your online reputation – immediately – with us.

You should know:

If You get a 1 star rating, mathematically speaking, you need ten 5-star reviews to get to a 4.6 rating. 

Negative ratings = bad reputation = bad sales.

We write Google reviews that are tailored for your company. Cheap, safe and legal. Written by real people from DE, AT and CH – individually bookable. Our reviewers are looking forward to you!

Any questions? Please contact us on +43 665 65 13 20 80 (AT).