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Buy car ratings - Ideal for car dealerships and independent car dealers

Seemingly Unsolvable Problem You Certainly Encountered

The customer buys a car, everything seems to have gone smoothly and suddenly you find a bad rating on one of the major car sales portals, for no apparent reason.

As a dealer, you have almost no possibility to take action against it and in the future, you will have problems with potential new customers, who are reluctant to buy from you, since the previous deals did not go so smoothly.

Bad reviews result in a decline in sales or, in the worst case, can even lead to a loss of reputation and your business!


Here it is - The Solution!

At the same time, you probably have hundreds of customers who were satisfied but did not document the feedback. From now on we can do this for you.

We help you get out of this problem and present the positive feedback that you have certainly received from your satisfied customers over the years.

You can freely choose the car portals where we should rate you. If you buy a larger contingent of reviews, you can also distribute them on different portals.

It is only important that every evaluation is also covered by a real vehicle sale, so that we can look forward to checks by the providers with ease.

Protect yourself, your company and the jobs of your employees from such misdealings by actively buying positive reviews on the portals that are important to you in order to show the true performance of your company.