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  • Real German product testers rate your Amazon product.
  • Up to 30% more sales through better ratings.
  • Better Amazon ranking through more reviews and purchases.
  • Works in PAN-EU. 
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Buy Amazon Reviews - Boost Your Business!

  • Verified German product testers rate your product
  • More sales with better reviews
  • Boost turnover and ranking
  • Works in PAN – EU
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Amazon is the greatest online retailer in the world, and hosts a huge number of independent sellers on its platform.

If you want to be successful at Amazon today, then you must be listed highly in the Amazon rankings and have good Amazon ratings. When they’re looking for a product to buy, customers usually sort products on Amazon by ratings or number of reviews.

Harvard Business School study has shown that articles with few or no reviews usually have only a very small sales volume. And 90% of subjects said that they check product reviews and ratings before buying a product. Then, 70% of tested adults said that they would never buy a product with less than 3-star rating.

So, ratings and reviews can easily make or break your business.

Previous buyers, even when they are satisfied, have a little motivation to write a review. They have already successfully finished the buying process.

Angry and dissatisfied customers, on the other hand, tend to leave their reviews regularly. They will leave you a bad review even when the mistake is caused by other factors, like shipping company.

In online marketplaces, a good review comes only once in ten bad reviews.

You’ve got to act and use our service to protect your business!

Use our high quality solution when you buy Amazon reviews!

At Rocket Review, you can buy realistic, verified Amazon ratings that convince customers of quality of your products.

We use a pool of tens of thousands of testers who are able to test your products impartially and benevolently. You will then receive a detailed review that will boost your rankings and help you win new customers.

A unique process in purchasing Amazon ratings

We do not work with the classic voucher system, we modified it to work in our customer’s favor.

Our testers buy their product from their Amazon account with their bank account or credit card. It couldn’t be safer and more realistic.

How does buying verified Amazon reviews work?

This is currently our safest and best method to handle Amazon reviews, and shows the best results with Amazon strict regulations.

You order a desired number of reviews in the store. After a successful purchase, you will be assigned a personal advisor and supervisor within 12 hours. They will contact you then and send you all further information.

After you have given us the ASINs, you will receive your cashback invoice in the amount and number of your products that are to be reviewed.

Then we pass the money on to our testers. They order your product directly from Amazon and evaluate it in accordance with our strict and professional regulations.

And – voila, you get positive reviews and great ratings which result in better rankings and more sales!