Google rating stars increase sales and improve reputation.

When you look up a good restaurant, cleaning service, or tax advisor Google is the first address and everyone’s favorite tool. All information that is needed can be found clearly and quickly on Google. When you find a link to the desired company page, you will also find their customer rating.

Customers briefly report on their experiences with the displayed company, product or service and can award up to five stars that express their satisfaction.

If you take a closer look at these comments you will see that these Google ratings are rarely fair and objective. You will find out that companies are punished for vain reasons by dissatisfied customers giving way to their anger, and the competition that tries lower their competitor’s rating. This pressure is particularly high in the hotel and catering industry.

Satisfied customers rarely speak up. When you receive a product of desired quality you just save yourself the hassle of submitting a rating. Luckily, there is a way out of this unfortunate situation.


Google Bewertungen


We created this platform to allow good companies a way to counteract. When you buy Google reviews from us, you get only reviews written by real people who have proven their identities to us in a harsh verification process. They get a small allowance for their work of contrasting the bad reviews with positive ones.

Reviews are delivered with a delay, cause of Google‘s algorithm, which recognizes sudden increases and changes on your profile. If you’re not careful you will surely get penalized. The time of delivery depends on your company profile and your previous online activities.

Contact us and our experts will be very happy to clarify this process and suggest the way you should receive your reviews.

Our experience in this business will surely increase your sales. At Bewertungs Rakete you will surely find the right option for your budget, and come to big profits with moderate costs.