Frequently Asked Questions

These Q&A below are some of the most common we encountered in our long relationship with our customers.

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Q: When do reviews make sense for me as an entrepreneur?

A: The purchase decision for or against a product or service is influenced by real, verified reviews and the “spiral effect” increases exponentially. Better ratings = better conversion = better rankings = more sales = more recommendations.

Studies have shown that products with positive reviews generally generate 63% more sales – whether in a marketplace, in a shop, on social media or an evaluation service.
Companies or service providers with more positive reviews receive significantly more orders than competitors who have no, few or bad reviews.

Q: In what period do I get the first review?

A: Some reviews can be delivered in 48 hours, some depend on the verification cycle of marketplaces, that is usually three days. Worst case scenario, waiting time is five working days.

Concerning Amazon, our testers are instructed to hold the ratings and the review for a few days after they receive the product.

Q: How do I know which product testers are suitable for my campaign?

A: Quite simply: We calculate the quality of the product testers in terms of speed, reliability, evaluation rate, activity and much more. and show the customer which product testers are valuable for the client.
The client can then choose from the displayed product testers those that exactly meet his criteria – regardless of the country, marketplace, social media platform or other.

Q: Can real, verified reviews be generated with your platform?

A: Yes. No bots or fake accounts are active on our platform, so real, verified reviews are generated on marketplaces and social platforms.

Q: How secure is the platform for the entrepreneur?

A: We have many years of experience in ratings management and generated for over 2000 companies, thousands of campaigns and over 170,000 reviews.
We rely on our experience and know what really matters. We only generate reviews from real people – there are no bots or fake accounts behind the product tester profiles.

Q: Does your platform generate negative ratings?

A: We never give the testers any requirements regarding the rating, but the testers know that they should only apply to products for which thir opinion is generally positive.
After all, the sellers do not give discounts etc. to generate negative reviews on product pages or company profiles.
We react immediately to negative product testers – there is no second chance for this type of product tester according to the product tester agreement.

Testers should honestly rate. Since our testers know that possibly negative feedback on product pages would be bad for the entrepreneurs, negative evaluations on the product side very rarely occur here.
Most testers then only write the negative review of the product on our platform, so that the entrepreneur can optimize his product accordingly.

Q: Have some of your ratings been deleted in the past?

A: The reviews remain on your profile permanently . If a review gets deleted for any reason, different reviewer will make it again.

Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay with  PayPal or credit card and instant bank transfer.

Q: My campaigns package is not enough for me. How can I upgrade?

A: You can easily upgrade to one of the next package models in the settings, or by contacting us.

Q: As the client, can I influence the review in any way?

A: This is not necessary. If, contrary to expectations, there are discrepancies, there is an opportunity to interact so that they can be resolved.

Q: Is the valuation buying legal?

A: Product reviewers / testers must not be biased or bribed. Evaluations must be real and voluntarily given.
Our reach and extensive number of reviewers allow us to guarantee good reviews by providing you with testers who can evaluate your company / product fairly and independently.