Facebook pages are still great source of information for customers.

Once second best platform for all your needs (after Google) is slowing losing popularity over Instagram. But this powerhouse is still a place-to-go for businesses.

No matter if we’re talking about fast food, small local shop or a dentist, cutomers can get great information about who you are and what you do by simply spending less than a minute on your Facebook page.

That’s why it is important to have that extra push when it comes to those 5-star ratings.


Facebook Bewertungen


Over the years, we’ve seen patterns when it comes to fake reviews, either on Facebook or all different platforms. New accounts, freshly created just to rate certain business, generic profile photos from stock images and generally low-level language used for writing a single review.

No one likes that!

Investing little extra time in giving our users perfect experience gives great results to their businesses.