Fraud Prevention System


One of the biggest sources of revenue erosion for every telecom operator is increase of all kinds of telecom fraud that is represented by a global growing phenomena.

The global annual loss to the Telco industry from fraud is currently estimated by the CFCA (Communications Fraud Control Association).
Recent estimations show that the global annual loss to the Telco industry from fraud is on the level of $29.2 billion

Fraud Is Becoming A Global Problem

The alarming fact is that two-thirds of all fraud losses, especially voice fraud losses, are tied to international traffic.
Only from wholesale frauds, the estimated loss is 1.5 billion $ and increasing every year.

The Key Question

How to minimize fraud effects and still
keep most of the traffic running?


Outsourcing different systems and solutions

Developing in-house teams and solutions

The Key Question

  • Reactiveness instead of proactiveness
  • Focusing on limiting losses once they’re hit by fraud
  • Preventing new types of fraud using obsolete tools
  • Alarm-based systems too slow on response
  • Human based fraud-prevention against automated hi-tech systems

Importance Of Responsiveness

  • Lost revenue equals to lost profit
  • The ability to act proactively is the most important factor in battle against fraud
  • Early-phase responsiveness - suspicious calls and fraud detection in milliseconds
  • 24/7 automated system without human intervention required

The Biggest Challenges

  • Keeping the pace - Telecom fraud is constantly evolving and growing. Fraudsters are innovating, deploying sophisticated tactics and techniques. There is threat of growing losses due to fraud in highly competitive markets.
  • Seamless integration of new fraud detection systems into existing structure without disturbing operational or normal call flow

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Case Simulations & "What If Analysis"

  • Based on real historical CDRs
  • Ability to Check the impact of planned actions by applying different templates

Machine Learning And Autonomous Behaviour

  • Machine learning and dynamic setup fine tuning based on history of fraudulent behaviour

Flood Preventing Mechanism And Dynamic Trunk Capacity Provisioning

  • The system maintains virtual trunks with adaptive settings and capacity.
  • Call floods are detected in real time and routed using virtual trunks

Realtime Fraud Detection And Prevention

  • Preemptive number analysis on signaling level
  • System is aware of all significant parameters for each number
  • Not CDR based – requires low resources, giving high performance

Transparency "WHITE BOX" Principle

  • The customer keeps the control and oversight about its routing decisions and all commercial decisions about the traffic.
  • The system would only flag the calls - final routing decisions on behalf of customer
  • All events are logged in comprehensive database

Modern Adaptive Detection Principles

  • Keeping track of all the calls that ever passed through the system.
  • Several processing stages (pre/during/post call processing)
  • Self learning – machine learning - AI
  • True real time - all relevant data stored in working memory & decision making during call setup based on signaling (not CDR based).
  • Intelligent and adoptive system preventing blocking legit calls – several stages of fraud severity, dynamic fraud scoring system.


Dozen Reasons For You To Choose And Implement REAL FPS As Your Anti Fraud System

Catch and release concept. Silent observation and learning pattern from fraudulent calls

Fighting fraud in real-time

Transparency of actions

Self learning

It's preventive, not defensive

Modern detection principles

Add-on to your system that can be easily integrated

Built on newest technologies, near zero latency

24/7 automated system without human intervention

Smart reporting

Fraud impact simulation on real historical data

Easily customisable for your needs

Wangiri Fraud Prevention

The term "Wangiri" itself is Japanese for "one (ring) and cut." It is a genuinely international scam, with victims distributed across the world. We developed an innovative reporting and forensic tool that can detect and prevent Wangiri fraud on a scale that was unimaginable until now. Our sophisticated, yet completely scalable system whose SBC functionality works with independent signaling on each call leg, is delivering Wangiri prevention success rates of over 99.5% . It uses load balancing and works autonomously and intelligently in order to separate Wangiri calls from normal traffic, thus minimizing the effect on the call quality.

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